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        US Dry Pea & Lentil Council
    National Farm Safety & Health Week
    Farm & Grain Bin Safety
    Retain Quality and Maximize Prices When Growing Pulses

    Let's Discover the Truth About Pulses and DCM
    Prospective Plantings
    Pulse Industry Directory
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    Pulse Quality Survey
    PL 480
    Section 32

        Cooking Videos
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        Pinchin' Pennies in the Kitchen
        Pulse Publications - Diet & Freezer Meals
    Food Industry
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        Pulse Formulas
            Pea Fiber Fortified Products
            Pea Protein Fortified Baked Products
            Pea Starch Products
            Pulse Beverage Products
            Pulse Flour Gluten Free Baked Products
            Pulse Food Service Products
            Pulse Snack Food Products
            Yellow Pea Flour Baked Products
        Suppliers of Pulse Fractions
        Half-Cup Habit
        Healthy Eating

    Informational links for Growing Pulse Crops
        Growing Pulses - March 2020
        Growing Pulses - April 2020
        Growing Pulses - May 2020
        Growing Pulses - June 2020
        Growing Pulses - July 2020
        MSU Podcasts - MT Agcast
            Growth Stages of Chickpeas
            Growth Stages of Field Peas
            Growth Stages of Lentils
        Breeding & Genetics
            Seed Types
            Feeding Pulses to Pets
            Feeding Field Peas to Livestock
            Feeding Field Peas to Poultry
            Feeding Field Peas to Aquaculture
            Lygus Bugs
            Pea Aphids
            Pea Leaf Weevil
        Pulse Diseases
            Common Diseases in Chickpeas
            Common Diseases in Field Peas
            Common Diseases in Lentils
            Pea Seed-borne Mosaic Virus
            Plant Pathology & Plant Disease Management
        Pulse Quality/Characteristics
        Soil Fertility Recommendations
        Variety Trials
        Weed Control
        NPGA Funded Research
        Growing Pulses in Montana
        Growing Pulses in North Dakota
        Annual Report
        Pulse Quality Survey
        The Pulse - NPGA's Quarterly News Letter
    Why Pulses
        Why Eat Pulses
        Why Plant Pulses
    NPGA Convention Presentations
    Montana Pulse Day Presentations
About Us
    25th Anniversary
        25 Healthy Pulse Products you can buy at the store
        25 Ways to Eat Healthier
    NPGA Board of Directors
        Chad Doheny - At Large
        Chris Westergard - District II
        Kevin Haas - District VII
        Lee Novak - District IV
        Mark Hardy - District VI
        Matt McCabe - At Large
        NDDPLC Liaison
        Rondel Beery - District III
        Ryan Davidson - District V
        Sam Arnson - At Large
        Todd Wagner - District I
    NPGA Staff
    ND Dry Pea & Lentil Council
        Beau Anderson - USADPLC Chairman
        Jeremy Huether - District II
        Kevin Wolsky - District V
        Kim Saueressig - District IV
        Ryan Blumhagen - District III
        Scott Sova - District I
    Montana Pulse Crop Committee (MPCC)

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